Penghu Marine Biology Research Center

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  • Date: 2019-04-10


Apr. 1971 The establishment of Magong research station.
1973 Magong station was elevated to Penghu Branch , T.F.R.I.
Mar. 1996 The establishment of Penghu Aquarium.
May 2002 Penghu Branch , T.F.R.I. and Penghu Aquarium was combined as Penghu Marine Biology Research Center.
Mar, 2005 The operation of Penghu Aquarium was rehabilitated and transferred.
Nov. 2005 Construction of Genetic bank was finished at Chinwan bay.


Marine fishery
To investigate basic data of marine ecology and fishery around Penghu water.
The investigation and conservation of marine fishery resources.
To promote sustainable fishery management strategies.

Development of techniques of reproduction and aquaculture for important economic aquatic species.
To establish the skill s of species selection, breeding, and reserve for important species.
To promote environmental -friendly aquaculture concepts.

Aquatic products process
Test, research and popularization of t he aquatic products processing.
Analyze and process test of t he composition of the marine alga.
Extraction and application of aquatic products functional elements.


The goal of the Aquatic Genetic bank in the future are listed as followed:
Conservation of marine biodiversity around Penghu water.
Reservation and research for important aquatic species.
To research on the propagation and cultivation of important economic aquatic species.
To propose the sustainable policy of marine resources management.
Increasing the value of fishery products.