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Titles of Published Papers
劉祥熹、莊慶達、陳均龍、黃韋翔 (2017) 臺灣石斑魚產業關鍵成功因素之研究-產業營運、價值鏈與全球運籌觀點. 應用經濟論叢, 102: 35-68. [TSSCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Abdullah, M. F., J. H. Cheng, T. I. Chen and H. Imai (2017) Development of compound polymorphic microsatellite markers for the pronghorn spiny lobster Panulirus penicillatus and comparison of microsatellite data with those of a previous mitochondrial DNA study performed in the northwestern Pacific. Biogeography, 19: 137-145. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Chang, C. I, L. H. Chen, Y. F. Hu, C. C. Wu and J. M. Tsai (2017) Determining the cleavage site for the mature antimicrobial peptide of Nile tilapia β-defensin using 2D electrophoresis, western blot, and mass spectrometry analysis. Fish Shellfish Immunol., 62: 41-46. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Chiang, W. C., C. H. Chang, H. H. Hsu and N. H Jang Liaw (2017) Complete mitochondrial genome sequence for the green humphead parrotfish Bolbometopon muricatum. Conservation Genet. Resour., 9(3): 393-396. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Chuang, P. S., H. A. Chang, W. C. Chiang and J. C. Shiao (2017) Rapid identification of the north-western Pacific billfish species using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction techniques. Mar. Biol. Res., 13: 751-763. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Ho, H. C., H. Motomura, H. Hata and W. C. Chiang (2017) Review of the fish genus Epinnula Poey (Perciformes: Gempylidae), with description of a new species from the Pacific Ocean. Zootaxa, 4363(3): 393-408. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Hsiao, S. T., K. S. Chen, C. T. Tseng and C. L. Wu (2017) Complete mitochondrial genome of the palemargin grouper Epinephelus bontoides (Pisces: Perciformes). Mitochondrial DNA Part A, 28(2): 178-179. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Ju, Y. M., S. T. Hsiao, F. W. Kuo and J. H. Wu (2017) The complete mitochondrial genome of Montipora aequituberculata (Scleractinia, Acroporidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 2(1): 62-63. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Ke, H. M., A. Prachumwat, C. P. Yu, Y. T. Yang, S. Promsri, K. F. Liu, C. F. Lo, M. Y. J. Lu, M. C. Lai, I. J. Tsai and W. H. Li (2017) Comparative genomics of Vibrio campbellii strains and core species of the Vibrio harveyi clade. Sci. Rep., 7: 41394. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Kuo, Y. C., J. W. Chan, Y. C. Wang, Y. L. Shen, Y. Chang and M. A. Lee (2017) Long-term observation on sea surface temperature variability in the Taiwan Strait during the northeast monsoon season. Int. J. Remote Sens., DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2017.1387311. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Liao, P. C., M. A. Tsai, P. C. Wang, Y. S. Ho, T. Pulpipat and S. C. Chen (2017) Eustrongylides ignotus and Centrocestus sp. co-infection in farmed ornamental Mickey Mouse platy, Xiphophorus maculates. Bull. Eur. Ass. Fish Pathol., 37(4): 159-168. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Ng, C. K. Y., P. H. Dutton, H. X. Gu, T. H. Li, M. B. Ye, Z. R. Xia, F. Y. Zhang, J. X. Duan, C. K. Hsu, G. H. Balazs and M. B. Murphy (2017) Regional conservation implications of green turtle (Chelonia mydas) genetic stock composition in China. Chelonian Conservation and Biology, 16(2): 139-150. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Shiu, J. H., S. Keshavmurthy, P. W. Chiang, H. J. Chen, S. P. Lou, C. H. Tseng, H. J. Hsieh, C. A. Chen and S. L. Tang (2017) Dynamics of coral-associated bacterial communities acclimated to temperature stress based on recent thermal history. Sci. Rep., 7: 14933. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Wang, Y. C., J. W. Chan, Y. C. Lan, W. C. Yang and M. A. Lee (2017) Satellite observation of the winter variation of sea surface temperature fronts in relation to the spatial distribution of ichthyoplankton in the continental shelf of the southern East China Sea. Int. J. Remote Sens., DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2017.1407053. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Weng, J. S., M. A. Lee, K. M. Liu, H. H. Huang and L. J. Wu (2017) Habitat and behaviour of adult yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the waters off southwestern Taiwan determined by pop-up satellite archival tags. Aquat. Living Resour., 30, 34, 11 pp, . [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Wu, Y. S., S. L. Huang, H. C. Chung and F. H. Nan (2017) Bioaccumulation of lead and non- specific immune responses in white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) to Pb exposure. Fish Shellfish Immunol., 62: 116-123. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Yeh, S. L., H. U. Dahms, Y. J., Chiu, S. J. Chang and Y. K. Wang (2017) Increased production and water remediation by land-based farm-scale sequentially integrated multi-trophic aquaculture system-an example from southern Taiwan. Sustainability, 9(12): 2173. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
Yeh, Y. C., C. C. Chang, P. P. Lee and W. Cheng (2017) The transcription of atypical protein kinase C in hemocytes of the giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, during the molt stage and injection of pathogen-associated compounds. Fish Shellfish Immunol., 69: 52-58. [SCI學術期刊] [1stPDF]
林天生、黃德威 (2017) 不同飼料對太平洋雙色鰻成長的影響. 水產研究, 25(2): 35-42. [其他學術期刊]
林慧秋、許鐘鋼、廖紫嬿、高雪卿、林金榮 (2017) 馬尾藻生理活性物質及其應用於豹鱠養殖之研究. 水產研究, 25(2): 55-68. [其他學術期刊]