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More people than ever before rely on fisheries and aquaculture for food and as a source of income, but harmful practices and poor management threaten the resource sustainability. Global fisheries and aquaculture production totalled 158 million tonnes in 2012 - around 10 million tonnes more than 2010. 2014/8/4
According to a new joint report by World Bank, FAO, and the International Food Policy Research Institute, aquaculture farming will provide close to two thirds of global food fish consumption by 2030 2014/2/5
New approach to manage marine resources is needed to safeguard world food security and promote sustainable development 2014/1/20
The South Korea’s Channel A TV station posted the clarifying text of Taiwan’s tilapia on its official website and further clarified this issue in the TV 2013/11/29
Taiwan industry and government pulling together to promote Taiwan Tilapia in Korea 2013/11/25
The Fisheries Agency will actively assist the industry to visit South Korea for clarification on the incident and promotion of the products of Taiwan Tilapia 2013/11/7
Fisheries Agency of Taiwan seriously condemns a South Korea TV show for implying Taiwan Tilapia as poor quality by combining irrelevant individual cases 2013/11/7