Contact Information

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Contact Information
Unit Name telephone
Personnel Office Lin Pao-Chien (02)24622101#2211
Accounting Office Hui-Ping Chen (02)24622101#2221
Civil Service Ethic Office Tai Chang (02)24622101#2236
Planning and Information Division Jinn-Rong Hseu (02)24622101#2501
Tungkang Biotechnology Research Center Tzyy-Ing Chen (08)8324121~3
Marine Fisheries Division Hsin-Ming Yeh (02)24622101#2401
Penghu Marine Biology Research Center Hern-yi Hsieh (06)9953416
Eastern Marine Biology Research Center Yuan-Shing Ho (089)850090
Mariculture Research Center Shinn-Lih Yeh (06)7880461
Freshwater Aquaculture Research Center Shuenn-Der Yang (047)772175
Aquaculture Division Feng-cheng Wu (02)24622101#2801
Seafood Technology Division Huey –Jine Chai (02)24622101#2601
Coastal and Offshore Resources Research Center Long-Jing Wu (07)8218104
Director General June-Ru Chen (02)24622101#2201
Deputy Director Chin-I Chang (02)24622101#2202
Chief Secretary Chen-Te Tseng (02)24622101#2203
Secretariat Chih-Ching Hsieh (02)24622101#2268